Our Centre is founded on the commitment, creativity and teamwork of our members. More than 250 people are contributing to research, teaching and administration at CeMESS – the vast majority of these are scientists supported by a dedicated team of technicians and administrative employees who act as central enablers of science, keeping the labs running and sustaining the organisational structure that underlies our research.

Centre Management

The management of the Centre lies with the Head of the Centre, Andreas Richter, and the Deputy Heads of the Centre, Thilo Hofmann and Michael Wagner, as well as Administrative Head, Annina Müller Strassning.

Administrative Team

The administrative team is available to assist students and scientists across our four Research Divisions in matters concerning employment, finances, IT, and all things research administration.

CeMESS Scientists

An overview of all CeMESS members is provided by the staff list. More detailed information on the members of our four research divisions can be found on the CUBE, DOME, EDGE, and TER websites.