Thilo Hofmann discusses Austrian "Aktionsplan Mikroplastik"

On Wednesday, Thilo Hofmann will be part of an expert panel at the event "Österreichischer Aktionsplan Mikroplastik 2022-2025: From Pollution to Solution" by the Austrian Environmental Agency and the Ministry of Climate Action and Energy.

He will discuss first results and challenges of the Austrian "Aktionsplan Mikroplastik 2022-2025" with colleagues from top institutions such as Greenpeace, the "Bündnis mikroplastikfrei", Borealis and the Austrian Ministry of Climate Action and Energy.

The "Aktionsplan Mikroplastik" (microplastics action plan) combines around 25 measures to be implemented by 2025 at the latest and was adopted by the Austrian Government in 2022. Since then, various Austrian actors have been active on national, European, and global levels across the five defined areas of action.



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