Dr. Lucia Fuchslueger receives Environment and Climate Research Award

On International Women's Day, March 8, 2024, Dr. Lucia Fuchslueger from the Division of Terrestrial Ecosystem Research (TER) at CeMESS, University of Vienna, received the Environment and Climate Research Award from the Environment and Climate Research Hub (ECH). This recognition celebrates her innovative research on drought impacts on mountain meadows, which highlights the need for human adaptation to climate change and the urgency of making ecosystems more resilient.

Dr. Fuchslueger's work, merging empirical and theoretical ecology, stands out for its interdisciplinary approach. The award, presented during ECH's inaugural event, underscores the value of young, female scientists in advancing environmental research and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.

The ECH focuses on connecting researchers from varied fields to address climate change collectively. To learn more about ECH and their work, visit their website.